What is Rebuild & Return (R&R)?

Can't find the replacement turbocharger you need for your car, truck, or off-road vehicle?

Rotomaster is pleased to offer custom repairs to order. Leveraging decades of experience as a premiere turbocharger remanufacturer, Rotomaster’s skilled technicians and engineers can completely rebuild your turbo and return it to you, good as new.



  1. Call Rotomaster for a cost estimate @ +1-480-336-9239
  2. Print out and complete a R&R Service Form
  3. Package your turbocharger appropriately to ensure safe shipping. Be sure to include the printed R&R Service Form inside the shipment.
  4. Ship your turbocharger to Rotomaster. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Attn: R&R Department
318 S Dobson Road, Unit 101
Mesa, AZ 85202

  1. After receipt of your part, Rotomaster will review, provide a quote, and completely rebuild your turbocharger.
  2. Rotomaster will return your turbocharger at no additional charge via ground freight service.

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